Tai Chi for UWA Staff Wellbeing

UWA staff practising tai chi
UWA staff practising tai chi
UWA staff practising tai chi
Photo credit: Adrian Noetzli

Arising from the interest of several staff members, Tai Chi for UWA Staff Wellbeing is an after-work tai chi class on campus that offers flexible attendance options. This class is a collaboration with Safety, Health and Wellbeing at The University of Western Australia; participants in the inaugural series were asked to undertake a post-activity survey to assess outcomes for staff wellbeing. We also acknowledge the assistance of the UWA Chaplaincy Department and Student Central.

Class Description

Tai chi is a traditional Chinese exercise that promotes wellness through deep relaxation of the mind and body. You may have seen it in parks: gracefully practised for suppleness, flexibility, strength.

UWA staff members in the upcoming class will learn the original form of tai chi, Chen style, which is characterised by fluid and athletic movements, accompanied by clear awareness. Through practice one may achieve deep comfort, peak performance, and peace -- applicable not only to tai chi, but also to the UWA workplace and daily life.


This is an on-going, mixed level class. Staff may join at any time.

Tai Chi for UWA Staff Wellbeing
Tuesdays, 5:15-6:15 pm
Student Central foyer (north entrance from Oak Lawn), UWA [map]
$100 / 6 weeks ($20 drop-in* for people who join part way through a six week series)
Next six week block begins 1/8
* If you wish to drop in, I recommend contacting me first to confirm arrangements.

Tai Chi lunchtime open practice session
Thursday, 24 August, 12-1 pm
Oak Lawn, UWA (rain location: undercover on Student Central side)

Participants' Feedback

Participants in the pilot series strongly agreed that they felt physical and mental health benefits from participating in the course, and the feedback was positive. Read more results...

Class Resources

For a demonstration of Chen style tai chi, as taught in class, please visit this video of Master Chen Peishan, 20th generation successor of the Chen family, courtesy of the Princeton Tai Chi Club and available in full from the Chen family.

The movements are described by the Chen taiji xiaojia form names.


Anita Adhitya studied Chen style tai chi with Master Wonchull Park, who in turn studied with Master Chen Peishan, 20th generation successor of the Chen family. She focusses on the Daoist principle of "wuwei," doing without doing, leading naturally to optimal action and health. As a staff member in the School of Physics, Anita integrates a traditional approach with her biophysical science background.


Please download and complete the registration form.

Please note: Participants with medical conditions or who have not exercised in some time should seek advice from their GP or allied health professional prior to undertaking any physical activity. The facilitator does not take responsibility for any injury or aggravation to a medical condition sustained during this course.


taichi [{AT}] anitaadhitya.com

Tai Chi for UWA Staff Wellbeing
Perth, Australia
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