Wellness Workshops

Stress Management for Exams: Peak Performance through Relaxation

This event is comprised of a talk followed by tai chi or qigong -based movement activities in order to help students understand the mechanics of stress and experience practical tools for themselves.


Stressed about exams? Develop practical skills to relax physically and mentally. In this workshop participants will learn to identify and manage some common -- yet unnecessary -- sources of tension in their mind and body. By doing less of the unnecessary actions, students can achieve more: leading to effective study practices and enhanced performance. Whilst this workshop addresses the exam period, the skills taught in this course are applicable in daily life.


Wednesday 16/1/18 - private class

For Tai Chi, Qigong and Acupressure classes, please see the respective schedules.


Resident feedback from Anita's class was that she provided helpful, practical solutions to dealing with stress as well as manageable tips to improving everyday healthy habits.
- Ashleigh, Dean of Residents, St Catherine's College


Anita Adhitya teaches students not only academically but holistically. She integrates her scientific background with traditional approaches to wellbeing, and focusses on the Daoist principle of "wuwei," doing without doing, which leads naturally to optimal action and health. Anita is a graduate of UWA and Princeton University, and she studied complementary wellness practices, including with Master Wonchull Park, Wuwei Taichi School, and at other centres in the USA.


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Wellness Workshops
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